Celebratory Hog Roast In Whitton.

Last week hog roast Whitton travelled to a community centre to cater for Kerry and her family’s event for a 4.30pm serve. We arrived in plenty of time and got our gazebo up outside then soon had the spit roasted pig cooking. We served it with freshly made apple sauce, home made stuffing, crackling and a selection of fresh bread rolls.

All the guest were especially keen to try our hog roast, often coming out to ask when it would be ready. The smells from hog roast Whitton filled the area and smelt divine. It was quite a low key affair and the catering was kept to a minimum but this did nothing to detract from a really lovely family celebration.

Hog Roast Whitton staff happily chatted to the guests and everyone commented on how much they loved the food, complimenting not only only our food, but ourselves and our company.