Hog Roast Aylsham

Hog Roast AylshamThe chance to actually cook hog roast for paying customers was a dream come true. I had always liked cooking and, of course, I had always liked pigs so this was pretty much the perfect job for me. I had to learn the ropes but it was all incredibly enjoyable and now I am the hog roast hire Aylsham caterer, which is a totally brilliant feeling and a real honour! I take my hog roast Aylsham role quite seriously. After all, I am a professional at what I do and that means taking a professional approach to every single aspect of what I do, and there is a lot to take care of that you might not be aware of. You see I have to make sure everything is spot on, otherwise I’d be letting people down…and before you know it, everyone would know that I was no good, and that would be the end of my hog roast business. Thankfully, I won’t be letting that happen as I have the best job in the world and I am in no mood to ruin it through lack of attention to detail!

The Best Hog Roasts In Aylsham

I have always found the stories of how people stumble into their chosen careers quite fascinating. It seems that everyone has a story to tell. Some are quite bizarre whilst others are more straightforward. A career can dictate the rest of your life, or at the very least, a homepagelowersignificant chunk of it, so making the right choice is very important. My story is not that remarkable at all, really. It centres around the town of Aylsham. This is a lovely Norfolk town and the place of my inspiration to become a hog roast hire Aylsham chef. You see ever since I was little, there has been the annual Aylsham show, a sort of agricultural show that shows of all sorts stuff. It was this show that got me fascinated by pigs. Although I never got into farming or breeding, I retained this interest as I got older. Then I heard about the hog roast Aylsham opportunity.

Aylsham may only be a smallish town of around six thousand people but it is a busy place. It gets even busier during market days and there are auctions on a Monday, so there is always something happening and always the chance to promote what I do to new faces. The attention to detail starts with choosing the right pig. Now I have always liked pigs so this part of the job is incredibly important to me. Good meat is an absolute basic requirement of the perfect hog roast as it influences everything. Without good quality meat a hog roast becomes a bog standard roast. Not good enough for me or the paying customer. That’s why I (and all other hog roast caterers) select top quality pigs and only from a reputable pig supplier. I can tell almost straightaway when I have a great pig, and that only comes with my years experience in hog roasting.

Leaders In Our Field

breadCooking is of course a skill in itself, and while I always liked to dabble in the kitchen, this is something else entirely. When you are roasting a whole pig for an Aylsham event, you need something equally mammoth to roast it on. Enter the hog roasting machine: a fine looking piece of cooking magic that can transform your whole pig into hog roast Aylsham magic. The hog roasting machine was designed just for this purpose so you’d expect it to be quiet brilliant…and it is! I don’t know what I’d do without this great piece of gear. It really does help create the perfect hog roast.

Now before I say how long a hog roast takes to cook, don’t panic. You see hog roast needs a suitably long roasting time. A whole pig is not a pork chop, after all. It takes six hours to achieve hog roast perfection but this is started in advance of each event, but I do finish off the cooking live for everyone to see, and that is a wonderful experience not just for me but for the diners too. Seeing meat slowly roasted on a spit is not a common sight these days but it is getting more popular. So that’s a glimpse into my world supplying hog roast to the folk of Aylsham and the surrounding areas. If I have whet your appetite for a taste of hog roast – and you have an event that you need catering for – maybe I have given you food for thought!