Hog Roast Corton.

The Day of a Caterer.
No matter rain or shine, no matter the location, any event or party is incomplete without a group of people with sated appetites. As a caterer, you uphold the responsibility of satisfying this demand with everything on hand and when you have a scrumptious hog alongside an array of sides from canapés to herb infused potatoes and salad, it’s hard to go wrong! Preparation is lengthy and can be around 6 hours, as a 45-50kg hog is far from quick to prepare cuisine, but with a tastebud tingling aroma, preparation goes by faster than you see people savour the meal you’ve provided them.

Naturally this preparation time can mean early starts, especially to allow for long journeys as an event can be anywhere, there’s no telling what job will come up next, whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding, no two jobs are the same. This can lead to seasoning before you can even see the crack of dawn but nonetheless the mouthwatering result makes the sleepy eyed awakening worth every second. The job becomes even more satisfying once the served diners show their satisfaction.

Another side of the job is organization and diligence. Doing your job can be harder than it seems! Before you can even start to prepare food you need to setup all of your equipment, for example your hog roast spit needs time to heat up. The venue is also a factor you have to pay attention to, some establishments don’t allow food preparation inside so a creative solution is needed to find the right place to prepare food and the best way to move them, however this is commonly thought of before the event between you and your other expert chefs. Per annum only so many events are booked, so there are plenty of other days where administrative work has to be carried out. This generally revolves around organising events and making sure you have all necessities. If a client wants you to cater at an event, you need to ensure you have the right amount of food and all the equipment you need, as well as planned transport.

A day as a caterer at an event is full of happy faces, laughter all around and appetites to satisfy and all in all, is always a good day out no matter where you are. Even if you’re just organising an event, you still have the sense of excitement ready for when the day arrives and you can do what you do best, serve people with the finest hog roast you can. We have many events coming up soon, with a hog roast in Corton this weekend, we shall be putting all the above in practice.