Hog Roast Cromer’s Weekend Festival Feast!

Hog Roast CromerWhat better way to spend a weekend than surrounded by delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a buzzing atmosphere?

At Hog Roast Cromer, we recently had the pleasure of catering for a two-day extravaganza – a large-scale food and drink festival that had mouths watering and crowds flocking in their droves.

From the outset, it was clear that this event was something special. The organisers specifically requested the presence of Hog Roast Cromer, and we were more than happy to oblige. Our catering duo, Andrew and James, were eager to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere and connect with the community while showcasing the age-old art of hog roasting.

Setting up our catering gazebo at the nearby science park, we joined a plethora of other vendors offering tantalising treats ranging from homemade falafels and tacos to oven-fired pizzas and spicy noodle dishes. But amidst the diverse offerings, none could rival the theatrical spectacle of our hog roast!

The sight of a full pig on a rotisserie, slowly turning golden brown as it rotates over real flames, is a feast for the eyes. And the aroma? Simply irresistible! Smokey, savoury, sweet, and salty all at once, it’s enough to set anyone’s taste buds tingling.

Throughout the day, guests couldn’t resist the allure of Hog Roast Cromer’s stall. The queue remained busy as they eagerly awaited to try our legendary creations. Andrew and James worked their magic, expertly carving succulent pieces of crackling and tender pork meat, serving them on gluten-free and wholemeal buns with homemade sage and onion stuffing and tangy applesauce.

Hog Roasts CromerWhether they were seasoned hog roast enthusiasts or newcomers to the culinary experience, everyone was captivated by our drool-worthy sandwiches. Rich in flavour and texture, they provided the perfect fuel for guests to continue exploring the festival grounds, from live music and fairground rides to drinks and more.

As Saturday drew to a close, Hog Roast Cromer reflected on a successful start to the weekend. But there was no time to rest – Sunday brought with it the promise of another day filled with gastronomic delights and community connections! With spirits high and appetites whetted, we were ready to do it all over again, proving once more that there’s nothing quite like the magic of a hog roast to bring people together in celebration.