Hog Roast Fakenham

Hog Roast FakenhamIt has to be said though, doing an autumnal or winter hog roast in Fakenham is quite a special occasion as I also like to use freshly baked potatoes that are home grown English Potatoes as an accompaniment throwing in a bit of cheese  and butter to the hot roasted jacket potato and mixing in a bit of apple-smoked pork gives a taste like nothing you have ever experienced you will definitely be going back for seconds and even thirds if you are not already bursting at the seems from the second helping of pork.

The techniques I like to use incorporate a touch of semi-sweet flavour which adds a great warming effect in colder months. Moments when you tuck into a hot roast pork sandwich or potato in winter months are moments to be savoured. I tend to use a very sharp hickory knife when carving up my hog roasts, this gives me a much cleaner cut on the meat when serving, it also ensures every guest gets a good portion of crackling, no one seems to refuse the crisped skin for some reason!

The Best Hog Roasts In Fakenham

Marinades for my hog roasts use a beautiful Apple Cider brine mixture which allows qathe pig to retain its succulence as well as a delicious mix of apple cider overtones. This is a tried and tested marinade that I have never had any complaints about! I also cover my pigs with a layer of salt to make the crackling crackle like you have never seen before. I have found hog roast Fakenham parties to be the most enjoyable experiences as the residents enjoy the social occasion more than any other if I’m present with a succulent, roasted pig on offer. I always like to offer my own Apple sauce condiment which I have made for many years with my very own Bramley apples from my back garden.

On the fourth Saturday of each month here in Fakenham, I provide a hog roast for the farmers market where some of the finest local produce is sold at fantastic prices to the general public. The atmosphere is always relaxed and the local fresh seasonal vegetables and cheeses are always sold out by the end of the day because the people that live here enjoy quality in the produce that they buy perfect to create wonderful side dishes for your meal. An essential part to any hog roast is the company present and hog roast Fakenham catering is no exception, hosted by some of the best people I have ever met in the UK professional and very hard working, they also know how to keep a party going through the night with some of the best locally produced ales and ciders which always helps and put a smile on!

Years Of Experience In Hog Roasting

I moved to Fakenham at a young age and have lived here ever since, I do not think I would ever consider moving away from this area as I enjoy working here so much. I love the general atmosphere and the way of life. I began to work as hog roast Fakenham caterer after attending my friend’s wedding a few years back, it was so delicious and everyone was full of compliments for the chef but I thought I could make the catering that step above the rest by giving great customer service at the same time, having great customer service is one of the main important things that come to mind for me when I have attended events over the years and with happy staff you get happy guests.

Hog Roast FakenhamI had worked as a chef for many years and after trying one of the finest tasting meats at that wedding, I decided that’s what I wanted to do forever because still to this day customers are still shocked with how amazing the meat tastes with a Smokey BBQ flavour with no smoke from the machines it amazes the guests the meat cooks away in its own juices slowly over a long period of time it perfects the meat to a beautiful creation. As we are peering into what looks like a very cold and dark winter, I usually feel quite miserable at this time of year, then I remember that there are two very important times coming up. Halloween and Bonfire Night, these are my favourite times of the year mainly as it means I get very busy around these times.