Hog Roast Lowestoft

hog roast LowestoftI wouldn’t change anything about my life here in Lowestoft during the summer months. You see I began my career as a hog roast Lowestoft caterer many years back after I attended a wedding here in Suffolk. There is nothing finer than a Lowestoft hog roast I pride myself on using the highest quality tools and ingredients. I roast the hogs for an average of 5 hours at a time. This method is tried and tested it also provides the meat with a succulence to die for and flavour that will silence any hungry taste buds. Many people that attend a Lowestoft hog roast know how to make the most of the summer months and frequently enjoy a drink or two in the sun which compliments my Lowestoft hog roast undeniable excellence.

The Best Hog Roasts In Lowestoft

In preparation for one of my hog roasts in Lowestoft or anywhere else for that matter, I understand the importance of excellent quality meat. This is something I take great care with when selecting a hog for one of my roasts. I like to ensure that the pig has had plenty of space to roam as well as natural food and plenty of light. These standards are something that I look for with all my hogs as I find that the combination of all of these things mean that the hogs I have used in the past have the most tender and succulent meat. In FullSizeRenderLowestoft, we grow some of the UK’s finest herbs and spices. I also like to utilise these when I prepare a hog for roasting. My main technique for roasting hogs is to use a hearty marinade of beautiful, home-made apple cider, plenty of sugar as well as bunches of rosemary and sage. Once I have injected the hog with the marinade, I like to spend a good deal of time ensuring that the skin of the pig becomes some of the most attractive looking food that money can buy. I do this by scoring the skin with a sharp hickory knife and rubbing a mixture of paprika and herbs into the skin with some extra virgin olive oil.

The atmosphere when I cater a Lowestoft hog roast are always upbeat and great fun, we have a lot of great scenery here, mainly on the broads, notably the Oulton broads. The Norfolk Broads make for absolutely fantastic boating holidays and for me, an even better place to live! Having worked as a Lowestoft hog roast caterer for the past 16 years I can guarantee that I provide the greatest service in my job as well as the finest roast hog sandwich you will ever sink your teeth into! I get a great deal of job satisfaction from seeing clients and customers enjoying my food and the fantastic feedback I get from it.