Hog Roast Sheringham

Hog Roast SheringhamAt last, I have a chance to share with the world my hog roast adventures. Hog roasting is a bit of an adventure because you simply don’t know what characters and personalities you are going to meet, in the course of this line of work in hog roast Sheringham from one day to the next. Even though Sheringham is a reasonably small town of around seven thousand people, I am pleased to say that my role as hog roast hire Sheringham caterer is keeping me extremely busy.

The Best Hog Roasts In Sheringham

First it may be worthwhile me pointing out the origins of the hog roast. It’s really a Medieval dish and would have been cooked over a huge open fire on a spit. Not the sort of dish that you would expect anyone to eat, no, this was more for society’s wealthier types. Hog roast certainly has a pedigree but it slipped down the pecking order when it came to special event food and only made the odd rare appearance at functions. However, hog roast Sheringham times are here again!

After a long time in the shadows people are now beginning to really beginning to develop a big fondness for hog roast. Hog roast has seen a surge in popularity in recent years and that has been reflected not just here but throughout the rest of the UK. So what does that mean for me? Well it means my job as a hog roast hire Sheringham chef is getting a lot more in demand, in fact I have never been busier! If you haven’t contacted me or bumped into me in Sheringham then it’s very likely that soon our paths will cross.

I have certainly catered for events all over the Sheringham area and it seems that almost any type of special occasion can benefit from a little of my whole pig magic. It’s amazing how many people I speak to at the events I cater for and they almost always say thank goodness that something new has come along in catering circles as everyone is fed up with the same old food at parties. I guess that they are also impressed by the equipment I use, too. Not for me being hidden away in the kitchens. No, I like to be on full display with my pride and joy, the hog roasting machine. This is the device on which I cook all my hog roasts, and what a device it is. It looks brilliant and it is brilliant. It may not be Medieval in design but it can certainly cook a hog roast that any Medieval Lord would be more than happy with. It has to be a good device too because it gets used extensively each night that I undertake a hog roast. That’s because each hog takes around six long hours to roast away. This long cooking time allows me to bring out the real power of the hog roast flavour, so that when the diners take their first mouthful, they are guaranteed a mouth-watering experience. Slow roasting really does bring out the best in most meats but it seems to work incredibly well on a hog roast Sheringham.

Leaders In Our Field

If you are thinking that hog roast sounds too good to be true; where’s the catch, well, there isn’t one. Hog roast is every bit as superb as I make it sound. Okay, so I would say that wouldn’t I? After all, hog roasting is my job. But here’s another thing for you to consider. Whenever I cook a hog roast, it never ceases to amaze me how much meat is Hog Roast Sheringhamproduced from each pig. Did you know that I can serve over one hundred people from a standard sized Sheringham pig? One hundred is more than enough for the average event but if it is a big crowd that needs feeding, hog roast is going to meet that need with ease.

I love my role as hog roast Sheringham caterer, in fact I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do. So if I have got your taste-buds quivering with all this talk of hog roasts, there’s only two thing you can do. The first one is that you need to get yourself invited to the next hog roast function that I cater for. Alternatively, if you have a special occasion lined up and you are looking for some stunning food to serve up for the Sheringham crowd, then you really need to be getting in touch with yours truly before I get booked up!