Hog Roast Woodbridge

woodbridgeHog roast Woodbridge can offer you a hog roast cooked to perfection, a free range chicken or even hamburgers complimented by salads of your choice. We can also offer new potatoes with butter or jacket potatoes. One thing you can be sure hog roast Woodbridge listen to you and help your dream party or event come true. If you want puddings then try our delicious cheesecake or fresh fruit salad we provide everything from napkins to waiting on staff. Some of our hosts’ say that we are so quiet clearing away that they only notice we have gone when we have left. Imagine a hog roast or barbecue near the river Deben on a sunny afternoon after a team building exercise washed down with a drink.

Some hosts prefer to cook their own hog roast we at hog roast hire Woodbridge supply the machines that come in different sizes according to the size of your event. If you want we can also supply the meat be it pork or even beef. After a demonstration you will pick up cooking the hog roast easily, the juices keep the meat tender and it does not have to be constantly watched. The way that it is cooked does most of the work for you so you can spend more time mixing with your guests. You can also be assured as they are regularly tested the hog roasting machines meet health and safety standards. Another advantage is that the sight of a hog roast  is visually pleasing whether it be at a charity event or a private party. At hog roast hire Woodbridge it pleases us that you enjoyed your evening afterwards we simply collect the hog roast machine.

We have a range of menus or you can create your own now let’s look at what there is to do in Woodbridge for kids at Easton Park there are pony rides or they can look at the farm animals. Castles such as Framlington Castle also offer an afternoons entertainment. For those who enjoy history how about Sutton Hoo a Saxon archeological site with the remains of a ship and its treasure. How about a walk along Deben River to take in the sights of the wildlife. You may just fancy winding down with a quiet drink to soak up the atmosphere there are over ten pubs one being The Angel in Woodbridge centre. It used to be a coaching inn that goes back to the 1500s, on some nights it has live music or you may prefer one of the other friendly pubs such as The Anchor. The Riverside Theatre has a cinema and offers live music.

Mr. Edward Fitzgerald is now anxious to give his opinion,” Having unofficially attended a few hog roasts being a ghost no one really has any say in the matter. I recall a fifth birthday I believe it was for someone called Emma yes cider was her Homemade Tomato & Mozzarella Salad, Dressed With Fresh Basiltipple mine is whisky or port. I being a more fortunate ghost can eat and drink. I pinched something called cheesecake it was splendid and the hog roast on a roll melted in my mouth. It reminded of a pig roast Woodbridge I had on one occasion at a country house. The dancing strikes me as odd moving your hips and dancing on your own in my day it was one of the only ways of meeting a lady. Well I am off to write another poem before that wretched woman Melanie Oh no! She’s coming.” As Edward dashes off I would like to recommend a visit to Rendlesham Forest and you may also want to talk to the UFOers who sometimes visit there. There were rumours of the sighting of lights as though a craft had landed in the early 1980’s. One of the hog roasters swears it’s true who knows so if you want an entertaining night being waited on call us or send u an email we are in The Angel waiting for your call. Two names come to mind when you think of Woodbridge in Suffolk Edward Fitzgerald a famous was born on the outskirts of Woodbridge. He was born in the early part of 1800’s and came from a wealthy family. Another name that was well known in that area was Thomas Seckford he served as an official for Elizabeth 1 and now let’ talk about what Woodbridge has to offer you as it is based above the Deben River  there is sailing and walks along the river.