Hog Roast Bungay

Hog Roast BungayWe catered for the fantastically named Black Shuck Motorcycle Club 10th Anniversary Scratching at the Door Rally this year in August which took place at the Rugby Club in Ipswich. There were raffles, live bands, stalls, bars and of course great food courtesy of Spitting Pig East Anglia. We were hog roast hire Bungay to provide a traditional hog roast which we are most famous for and also a spit roasted beef and lamb which is also very popular and works on exactly the same principle as the roasted pork but gave the rally goers an alternative choice. Butties at these types of informal outdoor events are always the favourite due to the ease of finger food with just a napkin and paper plate required. Revellers at the rally were able to stand and watch the live rock and metal music and enjoy a very filling and satisfying hot pork roll with sage and onion stuffing and or apple sauce.

However the meat can be served on a plate in slices with a side salad or similar if you prefer something more sit-down and formal which is often the method of choice at a wedding reception or Christening where you may have more mature relations to think of who are often more accustom to a more recognised method of catering like the buffet or carvery.
The scratching at the Door rally was a huge success and exposure for the business was massive as behind every biker is a whole family of leather clad relatives with birthdays and bashes to consider food for. On the back of the event we have been asked to hog roast hire Bungay provide our spit roasting services to several local events in the near future including sports club parties and Bonfire Night Do’s as well as private functions in a variety of situations, the possibilities are endless with a hog roast as we do not require electricity or running water to cater for you so don’t worry about if your venue will suit us or not as we are as flexible as Morph the plasticine man.

The Best Hog Roasts In Bungay

The town of Bungay in the County of Suffolk is famous for a spooky past. On Sunday 4th August 1577 at St Mary’s Church during a service, a ghostly hound dog called ‘Black Shuck’, also known as ‘The Black Dog of Bungay’ is said to have killed two residents attending the service and left another mauled. The dog was later alleged to have visited Holy Trinity Church the Cathedral of the Marshes at Blythburgh during the same thunderstorm shortly after the appearance at Bungay. In that manifestation the dog ran down the aisle, escaping through the North door of the church leaving large black gouges on the door which can still be seen today! The fable of Black Shuck has inspired the annual marathon called funnily enough “The Black Dog Marathon” begins in Bungay, and follows the course of the River Waveney. The town’s football club is nicknamed the “Black Dogs” and Black Shuck was also the theme of a song by the band named The Darkness. Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous novel Hound of the Hog Roast BungayBaskervilles was allegedly inspired by the old Bungay tale of Black Shuck really putting the town on the map which was celebrated by the black hound weather vane in the market place.

Shuck itself is a strange word which is thought to either come from the old English word scucca meaning demon or more probably the local East Anglian dialect word ‘shucky’ meaning shaggy or hairy. Sightings of the hound have continued right through the centuries up until the 1980s when a woman and her son apparently came face to face with the huge black haired dog but she reported it having yellow eyes rather than red. Anyone who has met Black Shuck is supposed to die within twelve months of the sighting. Eek! Bungay itself is also an unusual name for a place in England; it derives from the word Bunincga-haye which is Anglo- Saxon, the town was almost destroyed entirely by a large fire in 1688 but luckily thrives today and is a lovely place to have my business as a hog roast Bungay caterer. Bungay is only a small town of 5,000 residents but it has a huge heart and some great parties and events which we have had the pleasure of providing hog roast Bungay and spit roasts to over the years.