Hog Roast Diss

Hog Roast DissThere are two things that I love more than anything in this life and they are my job as a hog roast Diss caterer and the sport of rugby. I have lived here in Diss all my life and worked as a hog roast Diss caterer since, I first tried a tasty hot pork roll back in 2001 at a fairground on holiday. There is nothing finer than enjoying a freshly roasted pork sandwich on a hot day watching the rugby. When I catered for the Rugby union club, I was left with very little left on the hog itself due to the incredibly hungry players celebrating their second promotion in successive years.

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Special secret methods added to my Diss hog roasts gives the overall flavour some real depth and taste, I have never been a fan of sweetening the meat up with masses of sugar like many hog roasters tend to do nowadays, I prefer to concentrate on the overall taste of the meat with plenty of herbal enhancements and a coating of salt to make the pig crackle to perfection.

Diss has become an ideal place for hog roasts as the local inhabitants enjoy nothing more than relaxing on one of the village greens or by one of its nine churches with a great snack. Locals here frequently enjoy one of the hog roasts I provide in the warm evening as a delicious alternative to a plain old Barbecue with hotdogs burgers and sausages.

Many people, despite their carnivorous ways tend to shy away from a hog roast due to the sight of the pig in its entire form unlike their nonchalance of buying packaged pork in the supermarkets. This is a purely psychological matter, the meat is able to roast away in our machines slowly cooking to ensure the pork is as tender as possible and cooked all the way through to the exact requirements at the right temperature.

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I prepare the meat so that the animal is used respectfully and put a lot of attention into the presentation of the roast we carve the meat just before your serve time and lay the meat in the pigs natural juices in the machine to soak up all the flavour that the pig has we then lay the pork in to our freshly made soft floured bread rolls that are just wonderful and breadpresented professionally on platters with our selections of condiments to be served with the pig. Having worked and catering Diss hog roasts for many years, I can safely say that now there are very few people that are vegetarians, I’ve converted a few myself however if you do end up having a veggie eater at your event do not worry we have many options to cater for these too so they won’t be left out, we are also able to provide a gluten free option so we have everything covered and there will be no complaints when it comes to the during or after the event.

In the final stages of cooking my hog roasts in Diss, I like to crisp up the skin that crackles every time, by using a thin layer of mustard, it’s important to use a thin layer of oil as well, I add this towards the end to keep the skin crisp yet retaining all the flavour, so that those of you who aren’t on a diet can enjoy a tasty piece of real crackling with a touch of spice absolutely perfect.

As with all my Diss hog roasts, an ice-cold bottle of real ale is an absolute necessity, for any non-ale drinkers, a cold glass of white wine seems to do the trick with plenty of tortilla chips to go round whilst the timeless-tasting meat is served.