Hog Roast Hadleigh

Hog Roast HadleighA lot of people are surprised when I tell them about the versatility of hog roast. A lot of them seem to think of hog roast as that ancient old feast, straddling an open hearth fire in a Medieval banquet. They are often unaware that hog roast is actually a great alternative to all the usual food suspects that have made special occasion food so boring and bland over the years.

Yes, hog roast is still cooked in the traditional fashion but the hog roasting machine is anything but Medieval technology: it’s a smart twenty first century piece of equipment that allows me total control over all the cooking aspects of the hog roast. It also looks pretty impressive, too. But the real versatility comes in the serving of hog roast. One of the most popular ways in which I serve hog roast is on rolls with sauces. I have served these many times at Hadleigh events, especially the less formal ones, where a great tasting roll is a really lovely and filling treat, much nicer than boring old sandwiches!

Hog Roast Hadleigh History

Sometimes, just sometimes you get to strike lucky. Maybe it’s that occasion when pick a bottle of wine in the supermarket that you’ve never had before, only to find that it’s one of the best you’ve ever tasted, or when you get a horse in sweep-stake at work which seems like a ho hoper, only to see it canter home in first place. Those moments are very sweet, if a rare occurrence. Well my career was also subject to a particular stroke of luck a few years back, namely when I had the opportunity to become hog roast hire Hadleigh caterer. I had always been interested in cooking as a profession so this seemed like the ideal chance to make that dream come true.Hog Roast Hadleigh

However, the stroke of luck was that I was simply unaware that hog roast was undergoing something of a renaissance and that hog roast Hadleigh events (and indeed hog roast nationwide events) were becoming something of a trendy catering solution. Without realising it, I had stumbled into what was to become a very busy and very rewarding new career as a hog roast hire Hadleigh caterer.

Hadleigh is actually a very charming old town in Suffolk, with a population of around seven thousand. It’s a lovely town to serve and I think are very happy for me to serve them. I certainly make every effort to make every hog roast Hadleigh event or occasion that I cater for a special one and of course I am always busy trying to drum up new business, though I certainly don’t really need to do that too often as I am always getting new work through recommendation, which is a very nice feeling indeed.

The Best Hog Roasts In Hadleigh

But what about those formal occasions like wedding receptions? Hog roast can do formal, too. I can serve you up a plate of wonderfully presented hog roast as a gourmet meal that any god restaurant would be proud of. It really does look the business.

Of course all this great tasting meat needs a bit of work. It all starts off by ensuring that the meat I use is the very best I can get my hands on for the Hadleigh diners. This means a trip to my specialist suppliers for a whole pig. This is a pig that has been Hog Roast Hadleighcarefully reared and looked after. This guarantees that the pork will have a great flavour. That’s not just a gimmick either, because you really can taste the difference in a great cut of quality meat. The people of Hadleigh deserve nothing less.

Then there is the cooking. I’ve already told you about the hog roast machine but the cooking time is just as important. One thing you learn very quickly in this business is that meat benefits from slow roasting. It’s pointless rushing, because it won’t be the same. This is why one of my typical hog roasts takes around six hours to roast away. It’s a long time but it makes a real difference with incredibly juicy meat and amazingly crispy crackling. It’s certainly worth waiting for.

Being a Hadleigh hog roast caterer is one of the best moves I have ever made, and if you have an event lined up where you need great tasting, freshly cooked food, hog roast could be a similarly good move for you to make.