Hog Roast Ixworth

Hog Roast IxworthHog roast Ixworth is a catering experience you and your guests will remember, our pork is by far the best and out machines make the taste even more delicious however should you or your guests not be fans of roast pork then we can supply pretty much any other meat you require. If you are looking for a whole roast lamb instead of a pig, we can bring one along with a whole host of other types of meat to ensure there is something for everyone. We can provide chickens, turkeys, the finest cuts of beef and home made burgers with all our produce being bought locally and of the highest quality. At hog roast Ixworth we pride ourselves in the food we serve and want to ensure that everything smells mouth watering and has an unforgettable taste!

If your pub is looking for a different snack for the weekend afternoons we can bring hog roast hire Ixworth catering to you! While the customers watch the footy with some casual pints we can serve up a special lunch that’s bound to bring in a lot of passers by. As a more long term fixture we also sell the hog roast machines if you were looking to make it a permanent weekend fixture. You could also hire one of the machines for a school event or maybe even your own small party? We pride ourselves in the skills our cooks possess and we are all too aware that, with the rise of TV chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, people will be properly analysing every meal which is cooked for them. However, given their years of experience refining their skills we are confident they will keep your guests coming back for more! I can’t think of a better way to liven up a Norfolk evening or afternoon than hog roast in Ixworth. It’s the kind of feast which dates back centuries and one that would truly suit the rural setting of the town. If you just imagine your party being held overlooking the River Waveney with all your guests taking in the beautiful surroundings.

The Best Hog Roasts In Ixworth

At Spitting Pig we provide a wealth of experience to ensure we throw you the perfect party. In the past we have catered for weddings – where our staff had to deal with every possible scenario, high powered business meetings and important birthday celebrations. With the years of expertise we have in dealing with such events we are Hog Roast Ixworthable to relieve you of most of the stress when it comes to organising an unforgettable banquet. If Aunty June has a nut allergy or Cousin Joe is a vegetarian we will be able to offer a full menu prepared on the day at your location. Hog roast Ixworth catering isn’t only about succulent pork though, we also offer a range of other meats including turkey, sirloin of beef, home made burgers and lamb. You are able to replace the pig with a lamb if you feel your guests would appreciate roast lamb, with home made mint sauce, more than our finest pork.

Whatever meat you choose what’s on the spit will catch the eye of all of your guests. The sights, the sounds and the smells will energise everyone who has come to the party with the anticipation being key. As it can take up to six hours to fully roast a hog there will be a long wait from when the chef initially fires up the hog roasting machine. By the time it’s done the crackling will be as crispy as can be while the pork remains soft and tender. The flavour of the meat will definitely keep your guests coming back for more throughout the night.

While we do offer a smaller lunch menu we feel that hog roast Ixworth works best when it is the focal point of a big party. The range of menus we have can see a variety of courses with appetisers, salads, deserts and teas or coffees to finish off. All of the produce we use comes from the best local sources as we strive to give our chefs the best food to truly make the most of their skills. Our team of catering staff will serve the other courses and will also quietly tidy away the remnants of the party as the night draws to a close.