Corporate Catering Experts – Call Hog Roast Holt

Our Hog Roast Holt professionals have spent years training and becoming well-versed in catering every kind of occasion that you can think of, and not just with our famous hog roasts. While our signature food is a big part of us – after all, it’s part of our name! – we’ve always understood that alternative or additional options may be needed by our customers, both old and new. Whether you’re thinking of a simple one-course menu or several courses, canapés and refreshments to be served, or if you need dishes to cater for special diets or differing personal tastes, we’ve got you covered.

hog roast HoltIn addition to or instead of a mouthwatering hog roast served either as part of a plated meal together with seasonal vegetables, potatoes and trimmings or as pigs in buns (which is what we call hog roast rolls), carnivore guests’ taste buds can also be satisfied with spit-roasted chicken, turkey, lamb or beef or a barbecue of chef’s own sausages and 100% beef burgers. We also offer special standalone menus, like our scrumptious Loaded Fries or our amazing Southern Slow Roast, where we can provide alternatives for diets like vegan or vegetarian if required too.

In terms of guests on diets due to food allergies or intolerances, like gluten-free or nut-free, let Hog Roast Holt help you to choose suitable, tasty dishes to be made fresh on the day and which we’re sure will be enjoyed just as much as our other offerings. Our aim is to please, so let us know your wants and needs and we’ll help you to create the menu of your dreams for the party or event you’re planning next.

For a corporate function that Hog Roast Holt catered on Wednesday, we had been asked to serve our renowned pigs in buns for most of the guests but our customer also needed a gluten-free option for one. After telling her that guest could also enjoy our pigs in buns, as long as we took along gluten-free bread rolls or wraps, as all the other ingredients are already suitable, our customer was overjoyed, and on the day, we wowed not only the majority of people invited, but all of them, who devoured gorgeous food suitable for everyone.