News from Spitting Pig East Anglia

Celebratory Hog Roast In Whitton.

Last week hog roast Whitton travelled to a community centre to cater for Kerry and her family’s event for a 4.30pm serve. We arrived in plenty of time and got our gazebo up outside then soon had the spit roasted pig Continue reading

Hog Roast Weddingin Sheringham

‘The sea enriches and the pine adorns’ as Hog roast Sheringham sets off to provide culinary delights for a wedding party of 130. Sheringham is famous for its crab, but we were there to show them why we are famous Continue reading

D.I.Y With Hog Roast Yoxford

Last week hog roast Yoxford diverted their attention from the normal hog roast catering to a more D.I.Y option. We had a customer call our main office during the week asking if we could provide just a machine and pig, Continue reading

Hog Roast Boxford

Its new year’s eve and what better way to celebrate the year than having a mouth-watering hog roast. We had a lot of guests to cater for so hog roast Boxford got straight underway with the cooking of the pig Continue reading

Hog Roast Fornham All Saints

Mid-December is possibly the coldest part of winter, and for hog roast Fornham All Saints it was another smashing event. With lots of festive fun for the kids and a brilliant band playing all the Christmas songs, everybody was definitely Continue reading

Hog roast Buxhall

Catering in cold weather out door is actually so good! The food is simply amazing outdoors! Picture the scene, cold chill in the air and hungry now what could be nicer than a nice hot chicken and stuffing sandwich yummy! Continue reading