D.I.Y With Hog Roast Yoxford

Last week hog roast Yoxford diverted their attention from the normal hog roast catering to a more D.I.Y option. We had a customer call our main office during the week asking if we could provide just a machine and pig, and of course we are not ones for letting our customers down, so we got straight to work at collecting the 60kg pig and getting our machine ready to be delivered. The client wanted it be delivered Saturday morning in Yoxford, a little village not far from the Heritage Coast which is renowned for its antique shops and its two pubs, The Griffin and The King’s Head. This year Yoxford are getting warmed up for the annual Brawn Eating Competition (Pork Cheese).

During the event a Brawn QuIMG_2492een is picked from the village and her very first job is to ceremonially cut the pork cheese. Anyway enough said about that, we dropped the pig and machine off at around 9:00am Saturday morning, this kind of option we offer helps our customers get an insight into what hog roast Yoxford have offer, it is also a cheaper option where the customer prepares, cooks and serves the pig to their guests themselves instead of having some of our chefs come along and do it all for you. When we went to pick up our machine Richard (the event organiser) was overwhelmed at the turnout and how easy the machine was to use. If you would like to see more information on what we have to offer, our feedback or even would like a quote for your next event, please click here.